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Nuances of studying in Australia

Australia is one of the most sought–after countries for higher education. Every year, about 150,000 students from other countries come to the country. The choice is not accidental, diplomas of Australian higher educational institutions are quoted all over the world, and the country itself has a favorable climate and economic condition, a stable standard of living. Australia study requirement are quite real.

The education system in Australia is similar to the Russian one. Children aged 6-12 attend primary school, then, for four years — go to junior high school, and from 16 to 17 years – attend high school. After graduation, students receive a certificate of secondary education, which is equivalent to our certificate. Further, school leavers have a choice whether to get a specialized secondary education or an elementary higher education.

Nuances of studying in Australia

In Australia, there are state-funded colleges, and there are private ones. State universities are considered the most prestigious, they are integrated into the TAFE (Technical and Further Education) system. Training in them lasts 1-2 years. As a result of the training, students acquire practical skills in the field of management, accounting, industry, navigation, etc. College graduates can go to work, or get a higher education – they enroll immediately in the second year. The cost of education in public colleges is 10 thousand dollars.per year, the cost is the same for foreigners.

In order to enroll in an Australian university, it is unnecessary to take exams, enrollment takes place on the basis of acquired college grades. Unfortunately, the Russian certificate is not quoted in Australia, you will have to confirm your knowledge. To enter the institute, Russian applicants are recommended to graduate from either the last 2 grades of school or college in Australia.

Applicants from Russia need to collect the following case of documents:

  • educational documents translated into English, notarized;\
  •  certificate of language proficiency level 7.0 IELTS and 90 TOEFL;
  • motivation and recommendation letter;
  • some institutes may request an additional exam, this may be a test of analytical abilities and language skills.

Preparatory courses for foreign students are open at the institutes, and you can also complete language courses by improving your knowledge.

The institutes of Australia are among the 50 best universities in the world, the most in demand are technical specialties, high technology, advocacy, medicine. Tuition is paid, at a cost of 180 – 240 thousand per year.

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